KS Stainless Steel-Series Coldwater High Pressure Cleaner Stationary


• Coldwater High Pressure Cleaner Stationary

  • Stainless Steel casing
  • German Engineered




                                               KS 623 Classic  KS 1040 Classic
 Waterflow [l/h]  220-660  330-1000
 Pressure [bar]  10-130  30-180
 max. Water inlet Temperature [°C]  60  80
 Volatge [V/~/Hz]  230 V / 1~ / 50 Hz  400 V / 3~ / 50 Hz
 Connected Load [kW/A]  3,0kW / 16A  7,9kW / 13 A
 Weight [kg]  —  —
 Dimensions (LxWxH) [mm]  —  —
 Order-No.  157  155



Static coldwater Unit for professional use

KSClassicSeriesSteelPrepared for use of Remote-Controls

Impact resistant Metal-Chassis 
and Cover for maximum Protection of Components

Triplex-Piston Pump with Brass Pump-Head, Ceramic Plungers and st.st. valves

Slow-running and air-cooled electric Motor with 1400 rpm

TSS-System with Off-Delay

Float-Tank for high-pressure Chemicals

Machine complete controlable from outside

Chemical Metering Valve for Detergents

Infinitely variable pressure control

Equipment and Value

-10m professional High-Pressure Hose; -Trigger-Gun with insulated Handle, Spray-Lance, H.P. Nozzle and Nozzle-Protection; -Wall-Mount Facility; -Option: stainless steel Cabinet