HDE 800 Hotwater High Pressure Cleaner Electric heated



• Hotwater High Pressure Cleaner Mobile
• electrically-heated
• different heating perforamnce with 12, 18 and 24 kW Heating

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Manual from manufacturing year 06-2003 (PDF: 12,7 MB)
Manual(PDF: 1,6 MB) 



                                               HDE 800 -12 kW   HDE 800 -18 kW  HDE 800 -24 kW
 Waterflow [l/h]  330-660  330-660  330-660
 Pressure [bar]  30-160  30-160  30-160
 Temperature [°C]  80  80  80
 Voltage [V/~/Hz]  400 V / 3~ / 50 Hz  400 V / 3~ / 50 Hz  400 V / 3~ / 50 Hz
 Connected Load [kW/A]  16kW / 32A  22kW / 32A  28kW / 63A
 Weight [kg]  135  145  149
 Dimensions (LxBxH)
 1150x750x800  1150x750x800  1150x750x800
 Order-No.  106  107  108



Mobile hotwater Unit for professional use – electrically-heated

10 mtr. High-Pressure Hose 
5 mtr. electrical cord with plug 

Trigger-Gun with insulated handle, spray lance and highpressure nozzle

2×20 Itr. detergent tank

Infinitely variable pressure control 

Infinitely variable temperature control

4-fold safety system
 with overload protection.

Large wheels, smooth-running castor with brake for maneuverability and safety.

Storage for trigger gun
 and accessories.

Equipment and Value

Environmentally Safe
Use of high temperature water minimizes chemical usage. 95% of all parts can be recycled after use.

Easy Operation
Detergent Valve for precise metering of cleaning fluids.
Central On/Off switch for the complete high-pressurecleaner.
Transparent tanks for visual level control.
Stand-By switch for immediate operation.
TSS-System with off-delay.
Optional hose reel for up to 40 mtr. of high-pressure hose
(Optional Accessory).


Heating Technology
With the approved boiler system, the water is heated independently of the trigger gun, kept at the required temperature and stored in the hot water tank. Therefore lower heating capacities will be sufficient to keep the water temperature high even during the most strenuous applications. Stainless Steel Boiler (Material t .4301) with 64 Itr. capacity. Different heating performance with 12, 18, 24 kW heating power available. Heating elements made out of nickel-chrome-steel for maximum resistance to corrosion.

Pump Technology 

Compact power unit with direct drive Triplexpiston-Pump, Hot water resistant high-pressure pump system
Aircooled motor with high efficiency. Ceramic pump plunger, Stainless Steel pump valves and
brass pump-head for long durability.

-10 mtr. High-Pressure Hose; -5 mtr. electrical cord with plug Trigger-Gun with insulated handle, spray lance and highpressure nozzle; -2×20 Itr. detergent tank Infinitely variable pressure control Infinitely variable temperature control; -4-fold safety system with overload protection; -Large wheels, smooth-running castor with brake for
maneuverability and safety. Stowage for trigger gun and accessories.

Scope of Application
Typical Installation include: Car and van rental companies, supermarkets, hospitals, food
processing ands packing industries, airports.