Ehrle HD723 Single Phase Hot Water Mobile Pressure Washer

Etronic II-Series

Hotwater High Pressure Cleaner Mobile 

• oil-heated 

• Etronic II-System

• with Hours-Counter 

• Low-Water Switch-Off  and Low-Fuel Switch-Off 

• optical Flame-Monitor with Photo-Cell

• German Engineered

Manual from manufacturing year 06-2003 (PDF: 12,7 MB)

                                         Manual (PDF: 1,6 MB)


                                              HD 723 Etronic II HD 840 Etronic II HD 940 Etronic II
 Waterflow [l/h] 330-720 330-720 330-840
 Pressure [bar] 30-120 30-160 30-180
 Temperature [°C] 30-150 30-150 30-150
 Voltage [V/~/Hz] 230 V / 1~ / 50 Hz 400 V / 3~ / 50 Hz 400 V / 3~ / 50 Hz
 Connected Load [kW] 3,6kW / 16A 4,4kW / 10A 5,0kW / 9A
 Weight [kg] 135 145 149
 Dimensions (LxWxH) [mm] 1150x750x800 1150x750x800 1150x750x800
 Order-No. 496 408 442
 HD 1140 Etronic II HD 1240 Etronic II 
 Waterflow [l/h] 330-1000 330-1200
 Pressure [bar] 30-230 30-165
 Temperature [°C] 30-150 30-150
 Voltage [V/~/Hz] 400 V / 3~ / 50 Hz 400 V / 3~ / 50 Hz
 Connected Load [kW] 7,9kW / 15A 7,9kW / 15A
 Weight [kg] 155 —
 Dimensions (LxWxH) [mm] 1150x750x800 1150x750x800
 Order-No. 410 411

Mobile hotwater Unit for professional use – oil-heated Impact resistant Metal-Chassis for long durability Unit fully protected by Steel-FrameTriplex-Piston Pump with Brass Pump-Head, Ceramic Plungers and valves Slow-running and air-cooled electric Motor with 1400 rpmInfinitely variable pressure control via intelligent Unloader-Valve Technology Etronic II – System: -2-Stage Switch for Unit and Burner On/Off -TSS-System with Off-Delay -Burner On-Delay, -24V Safety Circuit -Leackage Recognition -Unit Total Switch-Off -Hours-Counter -Low-Water Switch-Off -Low-Fuel Switch-Off -optical Flame-Monitor with Photo-Cell
Equipment and Value
Equipment-10m professional High-Pressure Hose; -Trigger-Gun with insulated Handle, Spray-Lance, H.P. Nozzle and Nozzle-Protection; -Storage Facility for Trigger-Gun and Spray-Lance integrated in Chassis/Cover; -STR-Version: Professional Hose-Reel with Shaft and 15m Hose optionalScope of ApplicationThe EHRLE stationary Hotwater High-Pressure Cleaner Series HD are suitable for a large scope of application. It may be mounted in any secure place and can be connected to a high-pressure pipe-line system to remote outlet points. For desinfection purposes or any other high temperature demands the high-pressurecleaner may be connected to the central warm water supply or waste heat recovery system up to 70°C. Typical Installation include: Car and van rental companies, supermarkets, hospitals, food processing ands packing industries, airports
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