PTO Generators

Mecc Alte PTO Generator

Mecc Alte PTO generator range is tractor driven power unit which includes an alternator with control box, an overgear, a shaft guard and a frame support. These units are designed to provide a reliable back up power solution in the event of a power failure.

Driven by a tractors power take off they are equipped with a sturdy frame which connects by means of a three point linkage. Characterised by proven high performance levels, robust construction with maximum reliability they have an exceptional stating capacity for electric motors ensuring they meet the harshest demands when power is needed.

Macc Alte is the largest independent producer of synchronous alternators, with the widest low voltage alternator selection of any manufacturer. Mecc Alte alternators are renowned worldwide for their reliability and exceptional performance.

These tractor driven generators are brushless, AVR controlled, 415V 3 Phase or 480V 2 Phase or 240V 1 Phase, industrial duty with high starting capacity 300%, 1500RPM.

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