Cat Pumps - Seal Kit 30623

This kit repairs all major CAT Pump 5 frame plunger pumps! One kit required per pump.

Product Description

Pump Repair Seals

If your CAT Pump pressure washer pump is leaking water, losing pressure, or you're noticing a general performance decrease, it's time to check your seals! Seals act like gaskets - they prevent leaks. While CAT Pump seals are built to last,  it's important to check and evaluate your pumps every 1500 operating hours.

When your seals begin to wear out, grab this CAT Pumps 30623 repair seal kit - it works on all CAT Pumps 5 frame plunger models, but please consult your pump manual to confirm compatibility with these NBR seals. One kit is required per pump.

  • (3) 43307 high-pressure seals with S seal - NBR (nitrile rubber) material
  • (3) 43305 low-pressure seals with S-Spg seal - NBR material
  • (3)14200 seal case o-rings - NBR material
  • (3) 17399 plunger retainer o-rings - NBR material
  • (3) 43302 long tab wicks
  • (1) 33489 kit listing
  • Use with 310, 340, and 350B standard model pumps
  • Use with 310B, 340B, and 350B brass model pumps
  • Use with 310S, 340S, and 350S sleeved model pumps
  • Made of durable NBR (medium nitrite Buna-N) rubber
  • Can handle temperatures up to 160° F
  • High and low pressure seals go in front and behind the seal case
  • CAT Pumps item #30623
  • High temperature version: CAT Pump 33623 kit
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